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PostSubject: Equipment   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:29 pm


If you break down all matter to its smallest particles, you will find that any physical substance, organic or otherwise, can be reduced to electrical charges (electron, protons, and neurons). All electrical charges are surrounded by a magnetic field. Together, these electrical charges and magnetic fields create electromagnetic energy. Therefore, all of physical reality is surrounded and permeated by an electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields are commonly called EMF's.

In most houses, the highest EMF readings are caused by electrical equipment. EMF meters can easily detect these energy fields around electrical equipment. For example, televisions, light bulbs, computers and everything with wiring produces artificial EMF's. It' easy to identify these fields, since they stay constant and are always around the wiring that causes them. However, in haunted places, the EMF sound can be very different.

At a haunted location, strong, erratic fluctuating EMF's are commonly found. It seems these energy fields have some definate connection to the presence of ghosts. The exact nature of the connection is still a mystery. However, the anomalous fields are easy to find. Whenever you locate one, a ghost might be present, although the environmental conditions will not allow the specter to appear to the naked human senses.

When you find a strange, inconsistent EMF, that's a great time to take a photo of the area. The developed print may show an apparition. Any other type of ghost detection, be it in the visual/audio, or other realms, is usually also most successful when these strange EMF's are present.

The Gauss meter serves as an excellent introduction to ghost detection equipment. It will easily allow you to pick up the fields from household appliances and other artificial sources. The first thing you want to do is rule them out. Then, any erratic EMF fluctuations you may detect, especially between 0 and 1 milliGauss may indicate ghost activity.

This meter has perhaps the perfect level sensitivity. It is not disrupted by extremely subtle readings like the energy of the human body but it is sensitive enough to detect the small, yet distinct energy fluctuations frequently found at haunted places.

There is an invisible world all around us. Currently, there exists no device that can conclusively detect ghosts. However the EMF meter may be one of the closest tools we have. Once you become comfortable using it, you'll be amazed by the EMF abnormalities that surround us every day!

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