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February 2019
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 Ass holding is over, move up a gear or we will have to move on!!!

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PostSubject: Ass holding is over, move up a gear or we will have to move on!!!   Wed Feb 10, 2010 4:02 am

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I recieved a very irate phonecall today from the landlady of the pub i booked for staceys demo event. She was extremely angry when i told her i thought it had been cancelled as no one had been in. I had backed away from asking any more about the promoting and posters needed for the event as by staceys responce she wasn't in the mood to discuss it, i did try mesaging you babe and plaqced posts etc to say we could do it for you but it turns out no oine told the pub. I've done as much damage limitation as i can but people on the twilight page arn't happy as it was changed from a fayre then cancelled with no email to them telling htem. I will send an email out tonight so there will be no more upset.

Now we have the supper but i have been hesitant to push this as i know stace isnt in the best of moods and its her juristiction but if this gets cancelled you might as well shut us down as no one will trust us with an event again.

Now due to the dreaded facebook torrettes there has been yet another argument with me mentiined etc and i day even open me mouth again lol.
Basics was stacey didnt reply to me on her status but did to another guy, as she hasnt spoken or replied to me for a week i was worried i wasnt sghowing as i was on my phone and cant see much , i got a response off one lady then my daughter including a micky take of me not nowing if i was there then my miom replied asking if i had the problem some people have been having of being invisible.

Stacey as you know the rant that ensued was completley uncalled for, Imagine if 1) it was a normal Twilight customer, and 2) if it was your mother beuing spoken to like that. however as tyou saw i didnt join in just explained you were taking it wrong and said you were being paranoid, nothing wrong in that i supper paranioa sometimes as we all do it wasnt a personal slight. Anyway bad news was as my mom got deleted by stace as a friend she went off on one and posted i have been told on the twilight page. i have phoned heer and told he its reflecting badly on us and making me look like the cause when im not etc but yiu inow older women, all i coulod get waqs, no one speaks to me like that, you wouldnt speak to me klike that and no one else will. (pity she aint got my kids i get spoke to worse every day lol).

Anyway gonna try and sort out removing it as another member was displeased at the cancellation of th e13th.

Now here is the suggestion, we need a reliable team to make this supper work and we will be on minimum profit, yet again i will donate all the paper inks and card etc... but before continuing so i dont get left with posters galore and a cancelled event again can we get the mediums booked then put up the osters and leave some tickets with the pub as it might be easier to collect from their for most.

I'm getting names of mediums willing to work with us as i think we should have mediums in place with backup before booking another event, then we wont keep ending up with egg on our faces.
If it helps stacey leave it allo to mel clair an me if clairs busy me an mel can handle it simples.
We just need all the contact details you have of mediums to add to the data base and then pick the most reasonable , A few of the mediums have said you have their details so they do want to be involved.

We could also after dinner do a psychic circle it makes people feel invloved and raises energy and then as ppl have pud and drinks the mediums can mingle as and if messages come through,

We can save our reputation just by throwing a sussessfull supper so whose one board toot toot !!!!! elephant
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Ass holding is over, move up a gear or we will have to move on!!!
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