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February 2019
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PostSubject: latest developments   Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:27 pm

Hm this is looking like the mary celeste,stever left so now stacey has left and we wish her well, it was obvious things were getting too much for her at the moment and the door will always be open for her when she has recovered.
Clair is feeling that she wants to pull back for a bit but im sure stacey would never want her to give up something she loves as we all wouldnt, so clair bear lets see how we go at the rams inn we all get on i think we will have a fantastic time and will fonally have enough time to do all the experements we missed at saltwells,
Paul me and mel had planned on a meal at the dovecote tuesday as they have a chinsse new year meal on an its 2 buffets for a tenner an you know me an cheap nites out . Clir cant make it so hopefully if shesin for the ram we will arrange another meeting before hand but please feel free to come along with a plus one so we can chill relax and discuss the future invest etc......
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PostSubject: Re: latest developments   Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:27 am

i havent offically ledft sam will u stop posting it every where have u forgot me and clair come to u guys im not being nasty clairs to nice to say any thing to u but i think u 2 should leave as mel hasent got time to do it coz of tyler and other things at home which is fair enough i can understand but you have peed most of the team off over the past days all the main experiance has gone first steven who was a great person to have on team then to founders if im honest youre more than welcome to come to mine friday and we can have this out with each other i would prefare that u come and see me to sort it out yes i do have problems and im not one of these ppl to sit back and get walked all over i may be 22 but im no child hun to be honest ure idea of good isnt mine on some things u dont understand whats gone on and i would rather u paul clair and mel come to mine to have this out with each other we have lost steven now he aint never coming back its a right mess if u want to come to mine please tell me and we can sort this out if not then thats up to u

stacey x
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PostSubject: Re: latest developments   Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:19 pm

Stacey Leanne Bunce wrote
at 09:12 yesterday
is no longer part of this please contact other admin ty

Stacey Leanne Bunce 10 February at 14:31 Reply
hey girls its time for me to say twilights not working i think its best if we go differnt ways its just not working

Sam Omnipotent Gilbert 10 February at 14:48 Reply
sorry but im not ready to give and i hope the others aint, if you feel its not for you we wish you well xxx

Stacey Leanne Bunce 10 February at 14:50 Reply
well thats not a option beacuse clairs had enough also xx

Stacey Leanne Bunce 10 February at 23:16 Reply
i havent acutually said ive left the team like u couldnt wait for me to go if im honest me and clair should carry it on and mels allready said she was thinking of leaving so if im honest it just wont work x
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PostSubject: Re: latest developments   Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:20 pm

stacey, your confusing me know, you said it snt working etc.. and you and clair didnt want to be part of the team, you took yourself off the team pages and posted yoursself that you were no longer part of this team, i had a very irate medium called chris butler message me about his disgust at how twilight had treated hiin respect to booking him for the demo day and not notifying him of its cancellation etc... it took me and mel all day to rectify the damage to our reputation that you had done, as for blaming me for any unharmony in the group im sorry but i have been nothing but nice and understanding even when being verbally attacked, every problem we have had at the moment is your inability to seperate your private problems from affecting the group, hence cancellation after cancellation. Since you announced your deperture on the events page itself we have been aspproached by more ppl wanting tickets , its took a lot of hard work but we have rearranged everything so every member and associate is happy.I agree clair is too nice to say when a friend is acting unagreeable hence the pact with me ad mel nnot to bite back when you were less than friendly on occasion towards us. All i can siggest is you take some time out as we need to maintain the reputation we have just clawed back and when you are rested rejoin . As for meeting at yours its not fair to expect us to walk into a situatuion where you ahve already displayed agressioon we have invited everyone to tuesdays meal so some along,
best wishes sam x
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PostSubject: Re: latest developments   

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latest developments
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