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February 2019
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PostSubject: I HAE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!   Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:58 pm

Hi guys

I have decided that i am going to leave the team. When i told you guys yesterday i am going to leave you asked me to reconsider and have a think about it. Then i log onto the forum this morning and there is nothing but shit on here again. So i have made up my mind. When we decided to create this team it was meant to be for fun and a hobby, It is far from fun! I dont want to loose any of you as friends but i feel if i stay then i will.

At the moment i feel like i am being pulled from pillow to post as i am in the middle of this warzone. What happend???? It's really is not fair to put me in the position i am as i am getting it from all directions. The only person who does not make me feel like this is Paul and if im honest i dont think he will be around long. and i am embaressed to have invited someone his with his experience into this playground and Paul i apologise on behalf of everyone.

Due to this and lack of communication we have lost 2 valuble members of the team Stace and Steve when will it end?

Guys we are adlults but at the moment its like 6 year olds fighting over dolls in the playground and quite frankley i want to knock your heads together.

Im sorry if you think i am being harsh but it needed to be said. This is NOT aimed at anyone in particular just in general so please dont think this is personal about one person.

I wish you guys the best of luck for the future but please take this advise if you have a problem with anyone or anything please pick up the phone and talk it through before it gets to far again.

I love u all and hope u suceed. xxxx
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PostSubject: Re: I HAE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!   Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:42 pm

sorry you feel this way clair, as said before though i dont kow whats happended just that stacey left then said she hadnt but that me and mel should leave, as i and mel keep saying every one is welcome to stay but if not we wish everone luck and the door is always open xxxx
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